Photo Name Designation Qualification Messages
Dr. (Smt.) Surekha Vinod Patil PRINCIPAL INCHARGE/ READER/H.O.D. (U.G.) Department of Education M.Sc.Maths,,M.A.,(Eng.Lit.),M.Ed., M.Phil(Edu.),Ph.D(Edu.), M.A.(Psy ) Success of any institution depends on issues like good management, sincere & har ...More>>>
Dr. D. Laxmi Head, PG. Dept of Education. M.A.(Eco.),M.A.(Psy.),M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edu.),Ph.D(Edu.),NET(Edu.) "Be Miserable or motivate yourself what ever has to be done, it's always your ch ...More>>>
Smt. Beena Sajeev Asst.Prof.. M.Sc.(Chemistry),M.A.(Eng.Lit.),M.A.(Public Admin),M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edu.) We all have dreams. Go in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've ima ...More>>>
Smt. Rajshree Khare Asstt. Prof. (Education). M.A.(Eng),B.Ed.,M.A.(Edu.) "Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice." ...More>>>
Smt. Swapna Anil Craft Instructor. M.A.(Hindi),B.Ed.,M.A.(Edu.),Diploma in FineArts & General Art. "Every duty is holy, and devotion to duty is the highest form of worship of God. ...More>>>
Dr. Smt. Apoorva Shukla Asst.Prof.. M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edu.),M.A.(Hindi,History),L.L.B.,Ph.D(Edu.)Thesis submitted.NCC "C" Certificate.. "Believe is your inner strength and never better from your ideas." ...More>>>
Dr. Shalini Verma Asst.Prof.. M.Sc.(Maths,Physics),M.Ed.M.Phil(Edu.),D.C.A.,Ph.D(Edu.). "Success does not depend upon one quality or characteristic but often on combina ...More>>>
Dr.(Smt). Prabha R. Kurup Asst. Prof.. Ph.D (Edu.), M.Com., M.Ed., M.A.(Sociology), M.A.(History), NET(Edu.), Diploma in software technology. "Our work is the presentation of our capabilities." ...More>>>
Smt. Nutan Dubey Asst.Prof.. M.Com.,M.Ed.,M.A.(Hindi,Sociology,Sanskrit) Each and every child is a unique creation of the Almighty who can be nurtured an ...More>>>
Smt. Sini Karunanidhi Asst.Prof.. M.Com.,B.Ed.,M.A.(Edu),M.A.(Sanskrit) "Education makes the students a better Man." ...More>>>
Smt. Nisha Shaji Asst.Prof.. M.A.(English),M.Ed. "Education inspires individual to meet the challenges of dynamic society." ...More>>>
Smt. Tomeshwari Banchhor Asst.Prof.. M.Sc.(Maths),M.Ed.,M.A.(Sanskrit),M.Phil(Edu.) "The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitt ...More>>>
Smt. Sadhana Tiwari Asst.Prof.. M.A.(Sociology),B.Ed. "Education is a new horizon towards nation building." ...More>>>
Mr. Lakhan Bohane Asst.Prof.. M.A.(Hindi,Literature),M.A.(Sociology),M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edu.),P.G.D.C.P.A, Ph.D (Reg.) "Education come from living life, following passions, accessing information, obs ...More>>>
Dr. Shampa Goswami Asstt. Prof.. B.Sc.M.A(Eng.Litt.),M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edu.),Ph.D(Education). "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire." ...More>>>
Smt. T. Vani Asstt. Prof.. M.Sc.(Botony),M.Ed. "Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress, and working togethe ...More>>>
Smt. Nishi Uppal Asst.Prof.. M.A.(Sociology),M.A.(Hindi Litt.),M.Ed. "Accept what is available in the present moment and never cease to grow-creativi ...More>>>
Priyanka Chaturvedi Asst. Prof. (UG) M.Sc(Microbiology) 67%, M.Ed. 69% No Message
Smt. Manisha Awasthi Asst.Prof.. B.Ed. No Message
Smt. Smita Singh Librarian M.A, M.Lib, M.Phill. No Message