Photo Name Designation Qualification Messages
Smt. Smita Singh Librarian M.A, M.Lib, M.Phill No Message
Dr.(Smt). M. Vani Principal M.A.(Eng.Lit.), M.A. (Phil.), M.A. (Psy.), M.Ed., Ph.D (Edu.), Ph.D(Psy.) "Life is different from a teacher. A teacher teaches lesson then keeps the exam, ...More>>>
Mr. Lakhan Bohane Asst.Prof. M.A.(Hindi,Literature),M.A.(Sociology),M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edu.),P.G.D.C.P.A "Education come from living life, following passions, accessing information, obs ...More>>>
Dr. (Smt.) Surekha Vinod Patil H.O.D (U.G.) Department of Education M.Sc.Maths,,M.A.,(Eng.Lit.),M.Ed., M.Phil(Edu.),Ph.D(Edu.), M.A.(Psy Cont.) Success of any institution depends on issues like good management, sincere & har ...More>>>
Smt. Prabha R. Kurup Asst.Prof. M.Com.,M.Ed.,M.A.(Sociology),M.A.(History),NET(Edu.),Ph.D(Registered),Diploma in software technology. "Our work is the presentation of our capabilities." ...More>>>
Smt. Beena Sajeev Asst.Prof. M.Sc.(Chemistry),M.A.(Eng.Lit.),M.A.(Public Admin),M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edu.) We all have dreams. Go in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've ima ...More>>>
Smt. Nutan Dubey Asst.Prof. M.Com.,M.Ed.,M.A.(Hindi,Sociology,Sanskrit) Each and every child is a unique creation of the Almighty who can be nurtured an ...More>>>
Smt. Sini Karunanidhi Asst.Prof. M.Com.,B.Ed.,M.A.(Edu),M.A.(Sanskrit) "Education makes the students a better Man." ...More>>>
Smt. Rajshree Khare Asstt. Prof. (Education) M.A.(Eng),B.Ed.,M.A.(Edu.) "Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice." ...More>>>
Smt. Shalini Verma Asst.Prof. M.Sc.(Maths,Physics),M.Ed.M.Phil(Edu.),D.C.A.,Ph.D(Edu.)Thesis submitted. "Success does not depend upon one quality or characteristic but often on combina ...More>>>
Smt. Tomeshwari Banchhor Asst.Prof. M.Sc.(Maths),M.Ed.,M.A.(Sanskrit),M.Phil(Edu.) "The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitt ...More>>>
Smt. Sadhana Tiwari Asst.Prof. M.A.(Sociology),B.Ed. "Education is a new horizon towards nation building." ...More>>>
Smt. Shampa Goswami Asstt. Prof. B.Sc.M.A(Eng.Litt.),M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edu.),Ph.D(Registered). "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire." ...More>>>
Smt. T. Vani Asstt. Prof. M.Sc.(Botony),M.Ed. "Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress, and working togethe ...More>>>
Smt. Nishi Uppal Asst.Prof. M.A.(Sociology),M.A.(Hindi Litt.),M.Ed. "Accept what is available in the present moment and never cease to grow-creativi ...More>>>
Smt. Swapna Anil Craft Instructor M.A.(Hindi),B.Ed.,M.A.(Edu.),Diploma in FineArts & General Art. "Every duty is holy, and devotion to duty is the highest form of worship of God. ...More>>>
Dr.Smt. D. Laxmi Head, PG. Dept. of Education. M.A.(Eco.),M.A.(Psy.),M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edu.),Ph.D(Edu.),NET(Edu.) "Be Miserable or motivate yourself what ever has to be done, it's always your ch ...More>>>
Dr. Smt. Apoorva Shukla Asst.Prof. M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edu.),M.A.(Hindi,History),L.L.B.,Ph.D(Edu.)Thesis submitted.NCC "C" Certificate. "Believe is your inner strength and never better from your ideas." ...More>>>
Smt. Nisha Sheyi Asst.Prof. M.A.(English),M.Ed. "Education inspires individual to meet the challenges of dynamic society." ...More>>>