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Welcome to Bhilai Maitri College

BHILAI MAITRI COLLEGE is started with an aim to provide facility of higher education within the reach of every section of the society by charging a reasonable fees and at the same time providing quality education with all required facilities. The college would provide courses sanctioned by the Department of Higher Education, State Government and DURG VISHWAVIDYALAYA, Durg. The college aims to train the students to become worthy citizens of India by inculcating the sense of duty & discipline by imparting scientific, social, moral and physical education under the principle of secularism. State Government and DURG VISHWAVIDYALAYA, Durg. You can join us in the facebook Bhilai Maitri Mahavidhyalaya

Important Links
  • 1. COLLEGE PROSPECTUS - >Click Here

    2. B.Ed. SYLLABUS - >Click Here

    3. M.Ed. SYLLABUS - >Click Here

    4. D.El.Ed. Ist YEAR SYLLABUS - >Click Here

    5. D.El.Ed. 2nd YEAR SYLLABUS - >Click Here

    6. B.Ed 2nd Sem QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    7. B.Ed 4th Sem QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    8. B.Ed B.Ed.-3-Sem2017 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    9. B.Ed.-3-Sem2018 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    10. B.Ed.-3-Sem2019 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    11. M.Ed-1-Sem2015 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    12. M.Ed-1-Sem2016 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    13. M.Ed-1-Sem2022 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    14. M.Ed-3-Sem2019 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    15. M.Ed-3-Sem2022 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    16. B.Ed. 1st SEMESTER 2017 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    17. B.Ed.-1-Philosophical2019 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    18. B.ED-1-MATHS2016 QUESTION PAPERS - >Click Here

    19. SCHOLARSHIP - >Click Here

    20. Anti Ragging Committee of College - >Click Here

    21. VOTER PARTAL - >Click Here

    22. Exam Time Table - >Click Here

    23. In Bhilai Maitri College PTA is to be held on 10/12/2022 for D.El.Ed., B.Ed. and M.Ed. 10:00am to 1:00pm.


    DATE 05/01/2023 to 08/01/2023 Time- 11:00am. To 4:00 pm.>Click Here

    25. BHILAI MAITRI COLLEGE, RISALI BHILAI ORGNIZES PLACEMENT CAMP 2022-23. DATE 11/02/2023 Time- 10:00am.- >Click Here

    26. BHILAI MAITRI COLLEGE, RISALI BHILAI ORGNIZES YOUTH 20 SAMMIT (SEMINAR) 2022-23. DATE 21/02/2023 TO 23/02/2023 Time- 11:00am.

    27. Exam Form - >Click Here

    28. D.El.Ed. Time Table - >Click Here

    29. Pre B.Ed. & D.El.Ed. Exam Form - >Click Here

    30. B.Ed. & M.Ed. Time Table - >Click Here


    31. Hands on training in "Introduction to Statistics using SPSS" for Research scholars and academicians. Bhilai Maitri College opens registration for the workshop on SPSS. Interested candidates may fill the form through the following link .



Bhilai Maitri College Risali Sector, Bhilai, Dist.-Durg
Chhattisgarh, India 491001


9754933486, 8305882659
Open hrs (10AM - 4PM)